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Red Legend Doodles

Find the perfect Irishdoodle for your family.

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We are committed to breeding healthy family/thearpy dogs. Our goal is to breed a smart, loving family dog that is easily trained. 

Are you searching for an Irishdoodle puppy? Our family is ready to help you find the perfect puppy to fit your lifestyle. 

What are you looking for in your new puppy?  A walking buddy, a cheer-giver, a friend of children?  In your quest for a healthy, loving Irishdoodle, we can help match you with your ideal puppy.  We are available with tips and advice to make the choosing easier since we have interacted with each puppy daily since birth.  Let us know what characteristics you are looking for in your Irishdoodle puppy so we can point you to the puppies that best matches those traits.

Every puppy we sell was born here and has been lovingly raised by our family.  Because of this, we know not only their individual health history and temperament, but the history of their parents.  We are glad to be a source of knowledge for you, not only before your Irishdoodle puppy comes home, but for the many years after, as well.  Relationships are important to us and we are highly interested in watching our puppies integrate into your families and your lives.

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